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Game Information:

Name Bounder (Max Points)
Tournament Spectrum-Side Competitions
System Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Company Gremlin Graphics
Year Released 1986
Type of Game Arcade
Competition styleMost points, most stages, least time
Info/Special RulesIn this Side Competition its your task to complete 20 levels, and get as many points as possible, without taking care of how many lives you have left when done.

IMPORTANT: To submit a score for this SC you must complete 20 levels, and then stop recording when that is done.

For players who played in the Speccy Tour 2005: You Can't upload any of your Tour recordings in this SC.
Sum - Length00:00:00.00
Average - Length00:00:00.00
Sum - LB Points0.000
Average - LB Points0.000
Lead Changes-1

NOTE: Scores/Stages/Lengths/LB Points <= 0 as well as INACTIVE recordings do NOT count toward averages.

Submission Log:

NOTE: Yellow blocks indicate a score that was in 1st place at the time of submission.
UsernameScoreStagesLength LB PointsRank

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