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Game Information:

Name BeTiled!
Tournament CPC-Regulation Play
System Amstrad/Schneider CPC
Company CEZ Game Studios
Year Released 2009
Type of Game Puzzle
Competition styleMost points, most stages, least time
Info/Special Rulesuse software image with CRC=A64BF2BF
Sum - Scores71,520
Average - Scores17,880
Sum - Stages48
Average - Stages12.0
Sum - Length01:03:14.88
Average - Length00:15:48.72
Sum - LB Points40.000
Average - LB Points10.000
Lead Changes2

NOTE: Scores/Stages/Lengths/LB Points <= 0 as well as INACTIVE recordings do NOT count toward averages.

Submission Log:

NOTE: Yellow blocks indicate a score that was in 1st place at the time of submission.
UsernameScoreStagesLength LB PointsRank
Frankie3,5303 00:04:55.644.0004
2014-01-22 09:11:34: Test upload :)
Edited by Skito 2014-01-23 09:01:46:
Length changed from 00:00:00.00 to 00:04:55.64
Confirmed by Skito2014-01-23 09:01:46:
bingbing31,66019 00:26:57.5420.0001
2013-12-04 09:35:40:
Confirmed by mahlemiut2013-12-08 17:34:19:
Edited by Skito 2013-12-05 08:41:22:
Length changed from 00:25:53.80 to 00:26:57.54
Confirmed by Skito2013-12-05 08:41:22: with in a breath of finishing the 20th level!
Skito25,37016 00:20:36.8610.0002
2012-02-29 17:17:47: recorded in las vegas, still not enough... good job bing
Confirmed by mahlemiut2012-03-24 18:52:48:
bingbing25,66016 00:20:30.00Inactive1
2012-02-26 14:13:46:
Confirmed by mahlemiut2012-02-26 19:41:46:
bingbing22,53015 00:19:44.40Inactive2
2012-02-23 23:10:15:
Confirmed by mahlemiut2012-02-24 18:25:13:
Confirmed by Skito2012-02-24 12:15:14:
Skito22,83015 00:22:53.46Inactive2
2011-10-22 09:44:07: break thru game, first time passed 10 in ARCADE mode, reveals 4 intermission songs, good music
Confirmed by mahlemiut2011-10-24 17:14:57:
Confirmed by Barthax2011-10-23 02:07:38: Confirmed with WolfMESS 0.142.
Skito13,35012 00:11:00.36Inactive1
2011-10-10 12:36:34: now using the right crc=A64BF2BF and using the much easier at higher levels NORMAL mode. Is mame/mess 0.144 going to fix the "P" playback pause descynch bug????
and yes Harp Is Back!
Edited by Skito 2011-10-10 14:50:28: now using the right crc=A64BF2BF and using the much easier at higher levels NORMAL mode. Is mame/mess 0.144 going to fix the "P" playback pause descynch bug????
Length changed from 00:11:00.35 to 00:11:00.36
Comment by Skito2011-10-15 08:45:30: way cool! that alone will be worth supporting harp forever :)
Comment by mahlemiut2011-10-14 20:11:08: Ok, update is that machine.paused() has nothing to do with this issue, it's that the elapsed time is adjusted forward while paused, so the next sync check is wrong. If you comment out the sync check (lines 3728 and 3729 of src/emu/ioport.c) it will continue to work, and will still be in sync.
Comment by Skito2011-10-14 16:36:13: testing time comment
Comment by mahlemiut2011-10-14 14:28:33: From a short look that I had at the issue, it looks to me like machine.paused() always returns false once the emulation has started. It would seem that this is done by design, so I'm not entirely sure how to fix it yet...
Skito2,5203 00:04:20.25Inactive2
2011-10-07 23:17:53: used CRC=CBA6D578 , can't playback barry's, and btw this is a test of the new harp
used Arcade mode which i think is harder (less time) but not much different than normal mode.
Comment by mahlemiut2011-10-08 00:02:16: 194816 Defl:N 57350 71% 2009-03-16 19:35 a64bf2bf betiled_050309.dsk I think this is what I used, it's the more recent version, so it's probably what should be used anyway.
mahlemiut10,96010 00:10:44.846.0003
2009-04-04 04:45:34: Practice mode.
Edited by Skito 2011-10-10 18:27:39:
Length changed from 00:00:00.00 to 00:10:44.84
Confirmed by Skito2011-10-10 18:27:39: ahh that's why normal mode is easier you don't switch to difficult to distinguish tiles at level 6.
Confirmed by MJS2009-04-04 09:24:14: Some of those smileys look familiar... aren't they from Yahoo Messenger? :D

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