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Game Tournament Company Year Game Type
Mr. Do! (U) SNES-Regulation Play Imagineer 1995 Maze Info Scores
Sim Ant (U) (49046) SNES-Regulation Play Imagineer 1993 Simulator Info Scores
Sim City 2000 (U) SNES-Regulation Play Imagineer 1995 Simulator Info Scores
Sim Earth - The Living Planet (U) SNES-Regulation Play Imagineer 1992 Simulator Info Scores
Battle of Olympus, The (UE) (M5) GB-Regulation Play Imagineer 1993 Adventure Info Scores
Populous (UE) [!] GB-Regulation Play Imagineer 1992 Strategy Info Scores
Wolfenstein 3D (U) SNES-Regulation Play Imagineer 1993 First Person Shooter Info Scores
Tip Off (UE) [!] GB-Regulation Play Imagineer 1992 Sports Info Scores
Splitz (UE) [!] GB-Regulation Play Imagineer 1993 Puzzle Info Scores
Super Kick Off (U) GB-Regulation Play Imagineer 1991 Sports Info Scores
Elite (E) [!] NES-Regulation Play Imagineer 1991 Simulator: Flight Info Scores

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