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Game Tournament Company Year Game Type
Championship Bowling (U) [!] NES-Regulation Play Romstar 1989 Sports Info Scores
Cowboy Kid (U) NES-Regulation Play Romstar 1991 Adventure Info Scores
Torpedo Range (UE) [!] GB-Regulation Play Romstar 1991 Shooter Info Scores
World Bowling (U) GB-Regulation Play Romstar 1990 Bowling Info Scores
Gourmet Paradise (U) GB-Regulation Play Romstar 1990 Platform Info Scores
Rally Bike (U) NES-Regulation Play Romstar 1990 Racing/Driving Info Scores
Baseball Stars II (U) NES-Regulation Play Romstar 1992 Sports Info Scores
Elimination finals - Thunder and Lightning HARP Championship 2011 Romstar 1990 Breakout Info Scores
Thunder & Lightning (U) NES-Regulation Play Romstar 1990 Breakout Info Scores
Twin Eagle (U) NES-Regulation Play Romstar 1989 Shooter Info Scores

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