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Game Tournament Company Year Game Type
Defender-Joust (U) [S][!] - Joust GB-Regulation Play Williams 1995 Platform Info Scores
Defender of the Crown (U) NES-Regulation Play Ultra Games 1989 Strategy Info Scores
Defender ColecoVision-Regulation Play AtariSoft 1983 Arcade Info Scores
Defender Atari 2600-Regulation Play Atari 1981 Shooter Info Scores
Defender II (U) NES-Regulation Play Hal 1988 Shooter Info Scores
Defender-Joust (U) [S][!] - Defender GB-Regulation Play Williams 1995 Shooter Info Scores
Defender (Joe Holt) Apple II-Regulation Play Unknown 198 Shooter Info Scores
Defender Apple II-Regulation Play Atari 1983 Shooter Info Scores
Defenders of Dynatron City (U) NES-Regulation Play JVC 1991 Adventure Info Scores
Defender Atari 5200-Regulation Play Atari 1982 Shooter: Horizontal Info Scores

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